• The Last Sex Act

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    This is the tale of a deteriorating old man that is confined to a wheelchair. His name is McPhearson, and his game is sex. He feels that he is dying and he wants to see his son one last time before his demise. He has no idea as to his son's whereabouts, so he hires a private detective to locate him. Even though McPhearson is in a weakened physical condition, he has no problem achieveing an erection and has a continuous flow of nurses and prostitutes catering to his whims. Our private investigator is wary of this case but takes it on anyway. The trial leads to a nighclub that features live sex acts. one of the female performers has the answers he's looking for. He seduces her, all the while pumping for information. She finally lets loose with an incredible story that brings on the demise of McPhearson during his last sexual encounters. You must see the shocking end!
The Last Sex Act

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