• The Animal In Me

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    The Animal In Me

    Kirdy Stevens, director of the ‘Taboo’ series of films, the most successful XXX rated series in history, brings another powerful story of lust and sensuality to the screen.

    "Maggie Halliday (Colleen Brennan), romance novel writer par excellence, has a very perverse and kinky mind. She also has an all-consuming need to play sex games...to the limit! Successful, beautiful, and passionate, Maggie (Karen Summer) for Pepper’s young and virile boyfriends...especially when the handsome young Doctor Morgan (Jerry Butler) enters Pepper's life.

    "This is a story of raging passions and mother and daughter vie for the men in their lives. Maggie's sex partner, Travis (Greg Ruffner) is crude but he fulfills the wanton and lascivious desires of the ‘Animal in Her’. Maggie's prim and proper secretary Glenda (Heather Wayne) is gradually seduced into interludes of depravity as are all who enter Maggie's world. Also featured in this soaring extravaganza of sensuality are, Gina Valentino, Tom Byron, Peter North and Eugene Scott.

The Animal In Me

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