• OUCH - Hand and Leg Cuffs

  • $ 99.00

  • Description

    Hand Leg Cuffs

    A extra sturdy, definitely dominating accessory from the deluxe Ouch! collection, this four-piece set of cuffs is an extraordinarily versatile addition that just might prove invaluable to some specific, definitely exciting fantasy situations.

    Super soft yet ultra strong, the braided cotton cuffs are linked by a  hardy chrome plate in the middle, allowing maximum movement and customized positioning. Aside from the classic hog-tie scenario, which involves restraining wrists and ankles together over the head or behind the back, you can get into all sorts of entanglements by trying various combinations of restraint with or without any compatible bondage gear you own and love. The cuffs can also be used without the plate, as the strategic chrome rings feature quick, adjustable hinges that open to release and attach in a snap- they can be linked together or likewise used with other gear, furniture bed-restraints, the Ouch! Sex Swing and more.

    The soft, non adjustable, thoroughly escape-proof cuffs are made from skin-friendly, machine washable cotton- this set disassemble easily for cleaning and storage. Fits most.

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