• ONE Tantric Pleasures 100 pc bowl

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  • Description

    Tantric Pleasures, the first condom in the world created with tattoo-inspired texture for increased pleasure and an easy-rolling flared shape for added comfort.

    Tantric's exotic textures Maori, Titan and Tribal were influenced by popular body art designs and alternative philosophies, appealing to those who want a healthy and fun way to express themselves.


    Looking for a way to create a deep connection with your partner? Check out our Tantric Pleasures Yoga Series, full of tips to take your sex life from tepid to tantalizing.



    Tantric Pleasures are sold in a convertible tube that transforms into a compact, pocket-perfect carrying case for pleasure on the go. Refill the tin with your favorite ONE condom or find a use that's entirely your own.


    100 condoms per bowl

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