• Evil Angel Presents: Darkko Oral 4 pack

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    “Darkko’s Oral 4-Pack” includes four of the director’s signature blow job movies, each on a full-length DVD; “Darkko’s Anal 4-Pack” comprises a quartet of his “glam-core” sodomy showcases, also on four fully appointed DVDs. Each “4-Pack” comes conveniently contained in a single DVD case.

    The four movies in “Darkko’s Oral 4-Pack” are “Black Fuck Faces,” “Suck It Dry,” “Load Warriors” and “Wet Food,” which add up to over 12 hours of hard-core action. The director talks about what he looks to capture in oral scenes: “I want beautiful girls to look like angels, and then I want to push them to the limits of what they can do with their mouths, tongues and throats.”

Evil Angel Presents: Darkko Oral 4 pack

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